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Welcome to the Daryaie Dental Distributing Company

Daryaie Dental Distributing Company was established by my father, Abbas Daryaie, in 1982. He is 73 years of age now. We (my brother and I) joined him in 1992. My brother (Reza) is 38 and I am 33. We learned the business early as we were working with our father. I am currently the managing director of the company.
At the beginning my father used to sell products such as dentures, base materials, molding materials for prosthesis which he had bought from the wholesalers in Iran and distributed them to retailers all over the country.
In 2006, we continued our business with 3 departments which two of them were in Zanjan and one of them in Tehran. We got the agency for Latex Gloves from Malaysia, laboratory fraises and dental Diamonds from Accurata in Germany, then extended our work to Vident dentures from Poland.
Currently we have 5 staff along with 3 of us who work day and night selling all kinds of dental products. It is worth mentioning that 90 percent of retailers in Iran know us very well and my father is the biggest seller of dentures in Iran and he is known for the father of dentures in Iran.
Now with our potential abilities,skills, experiences, and iron will, along with the help of Almighty God, we would like to establish business with your renowned company.